MARVEL Developing an “Agent Carter” TV Series?

Okay…I thought MARVELs Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" was stretch..but now Marvel is supposedly working on another series entitled, “Agent Carter”, with Harley Atwell reprising her role as Peggy Carter

Would anyone seriously watch this? The idea came after a short film, centered around what happened to Peggy when Captain America disappeared after WWII, was put on the Iron Man 3 DVD as an extra bonus feature.

This series is still in very very early talks, & has no writing yet, but if this was to really become a series, I really wonder who would have interest in it.

- Dave out!

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    I lost track of who said what, to be honest, so you may not have been one of those who was bashing Phil or Peggy. It...
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    Not all ‘cishet white dude’ stories are the same, or have we lost our ability to feel empathy if the character on screen...
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    Okay, as I’ve said about a dozen times already, I wasn’t doing a “my fave is better than your fave” thing. This whole...
  5. phosphorescent-naidheachd answered: Wow, I get the sense that you really don’t hang around this area of the fandom very much. Would people watch this? Hell YES!
  6. ellidfics answered: Tone deaf and clueless, young padawan. Shame. On. You.
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    Oh, yeah. I’m not complaining about the possibility of a TV show at all. I’d love to see it happen.
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    Aww, some asshole dudes on Tumblr are pissed that something might exist that doesn’t revolve around their fellow white...
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    Peggy punches Hodge in the face because he is a bully. He does not just act sexist to her. He is also seen kicking...
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    I have no words for suddenlysteve’s rant. I thought that sort of ignorance was reserved to the deepest, most disgusting...
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  23. ellidfics answered: And who, pray tell, appointed you the arbiter of taste and/or interest in a potential TV series?????
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